Conquest Gaming began in the late 1990's with a few gaming buddies who built a game, Warlords of Europe. We decided to create a company to publish our own designs. Until we run out of those, we are not too interested in publishing outside designs. We did several smaller titles that included a map, rules and sometimes cards, where the players supply their own pieces (A&A or plastic RISK soldiers of the era). We never felt like Warlords fit with the expansion game model, and saved it until we could "do it right." In 2010, that time came, and we published Warlords of Europe as a top quality full board game. Our next offering, StelCon: Infinity was published in 2013 with amazing constructible/modular space ships. All future games from Conquest Gaming will employ only the best of quality components.

Russ Rupe

A network administrator turned stay at home dad. Russ is the one who handles shipping out website orders.

Kyle Battle

A piloting instructor. Kyle drew the short straw, and thus, the bookkeeping duties.