Welcome to the new conquestgaming.com. Over the next few days, we will be completing the build-out of the new site, filling in some missing graphics, and generally tidying up. As thanks for excusing our mess, please enjoy $20 off of StelCon: Infinity.

StelCon: Infinity
Attack. React. Prevail!

Moving SALE! $20 off!

Two to six rival space faring civilizations compete for interstellar dominance. Comes with over 400 pieces! MSRP $79.95



Warlords of Europe

Warlords is out of print, but there are still several accessories available for purchase. The FAQ can also be found here.

Legacy Games

In the early 2000's, Conquest Gaming released several expansion type games where you provided the army pieces and we provided a map, rules, and cards. Game FAQs can be found here. Also, we still have a few copies of Conquest of the Pacific available.